Straagaarden ønsker at anvende sine ressourcer til at finde, forbinde og støtte de, der ønsker at arbejde med helhedsbaserede løsninger til gavn for dem selv, deres virksomhed og deres omgivelser.

De problemer, vi står overfor, er skabt af en fragmenteret tankegang, som kun kan løses af et klogt fællesskab.

Derfor skaber vi et levested for kvalitets dialog med et åbent sind og et ønske om at dele.

Straagaarden wishes to find, connect, and support those who strive to find holistic solutions that are beneficial to themselves, their organization, and their surroundings.

The problems we are facing have been created by a fragmented way of thinking; only through strong fellowship will the solution be found.

Therefore we have created a living shelter for quality dialogue with an open mind and a wish to share.

“We must slow down today because running faster in a dark maze will not help us find our way out. We must slow down today because if we have to travel far, we must find comfort in each other – in all the glorious ambiguity that being in community brings. We must slow down because the correct answer is not adequate. We must slow down because trust, the emerging currency of the ‘next’ story, is not an issue of efficiency, but a creature of intimacy. We must slow down because that is the only way we will see the contours of new possibilities urgently seeking to open to us.”

Charles Eisenstein, The New and Ancient Story

Steps to Islands of Sanity

  1. Pay attention to relationship
    Come together in communities – Have diversity time to emerge in hospitality spaces
  2. Restore thinking
    Sit there to figure out together – Sanity is to create depths in the solution
  3. Create a personal practice
    Meditate, be in nature, walking, sit alone

Margaret Wheatley

“The times are urgent.
Let us slow down.”

West African elders